Wow and THANK YOU to so many!!

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Wow and THANK YOU to so many!!

Hello! Sorry it has taken so long to share. Will be sending out and posting more details soon. (Had to slow down a little this week!)

As far as my Hatchfund campaign to “Scale up for public art,” things have been going well!

Wow, wow and THANK YOU to so many!! With your support, we have met and are surpassing minimum goal for my dream kiln! (55 folks invested a total – so far – of $4515!! From $10 to $500, some more than once – and even a few former HS students of mine – all of this has added up. I am deeply grateful for your support on this journey.)

So, what is next?? Met with David – the “kiln Dr.” this week. The dream kiln has been ordered!! Will take about 2+ weeks before ready to ship. With delivery and electrical connection, I am looking at the last week in June before I can start firing.

Can’t wait! In the mean time, I’m working on some casting in my small kilns and painting a new mural with my artist husband, Chris Craft😉




Finally, yes, this is so awesome the minimum goal was reached – since the kiln is just the biggest obstacle to me scaling up my new glass! Good news is because we met the minimum goal, the campaign page stays open for additional 25 days. (The extra over the $4300 is going to electrical parts to connect kiln to power and hire help to move kiln from driveway down to studio.)

The rest of the project “budget” is for the – not as important as the kiln, but still costs money to create larger works “stuff” – including more Bullseye glass, materials for glass molds and finally small honorariums (for myself, the iron artist I’m collaborating with and videographer to document) that will help cover working on next public art work.

All the perks are still on the table for any additional funds invested. And, every little bit adds up. AND, NOW THERE IS NO RISK – MY PROJECT IS BEING FUNDED. I CAN DO MORE QUICKLY WITH YOUR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT!

(Project supporters get some cool inside peeks and exclusive opportunities for your invaluable capital!)

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you to scale up my warm glass work!!






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