First Corporate Glass Commission – 2015

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First Corporate Glass Commission – 2015



Thanks to Sozo Gallery, I have recently installed my first corporate glass commission at PricewaterhouseCoopers‘ Hearst Tower location. Commissions are a longer process, both exciting and challenging.

They had a section of custom made cabinets – their entire office was beautifully renovated not that long ago – that were screaming for something custom. (The PwC collection of local artists is stunning. Really, a who’s who of the art world… and I am thrilled to be a part.)

Other than learning the technical science behind warm glass, is the huge problem of trying to capture my work on film! I knew for this job I needed to hire out. Mitchell Kearney was on the very short list. (I can get decent enough images of my glass in process – before it is slumped or draped in final form.)

Check out some in-process pics HERE on my facebook page… that I update a LOT more often than my website!!




ALL PricewaterhouseCoopers’ images by Mitchell Kearney Photography.


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