First glass commission – 2014

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First glass commission – 2014


Fararooei CommissionSM


Where does the time go?? Through other connections (Packard Place), I first met Jason Fararooei.

He’s an amazing entrepreneur AND a big supporter of the local arts in Charlotte, NC. I think originally I met him at a presentation about utilizing social media. He made quite an impression on me. (Yes, I am actually an artist that loves business!)

Fast forward a little bit… and we met again when he was a CSA (Community Supported Art) shareholder and I was one of nine local artists. We continue to hit it off.

In early 2014, his life partner secretly commissioned me to create a new glass work to commemorate Jason’s Yellow Cape Communications fifth anniversary! (They had BOTH invested in my Hatchfund Dream kiln campaign! Little did they know the dream kiln would be necessary to complete this commission.)


Enjoy this personal video that Kim made documenting the process. (Side note: the relationships I have with art supporters are what get me up some days. Being a full-time artist is not easy, but nine years later, I would not trade it for anything else!)


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