CIVA, ArtsCharlotte, Church at Charlotte, & whole lot of love for Christ!

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CIVA, ArtsCharlotte, Church at Charlotte, & whole lot of love for Christ!

What a great start to March 2016! 

I may complain about technology and being an artist “team of one” sometimes… But, God has been good! Anyone who knows me – even on Facebook – is aware that I belong to Christ.


This is something that I’ve become more vocal about…. not to annoy, but to share the Good News! I have been a Christian for more than a decade and even been “public” about it since 2007.


I was blessed to be invited to be a panelist for CIVA | Christians in the Visual Arts, ArtsCharlotte, and Church at Charlotte’s first Charlotte, NC Symposium, “The Calling and Vocation of a Life in the Arts” earlier this month… March 4-5, 2016.

When the Lord shows up, prepare to be amazed. I have been to many business of art type conferences & events. This one was fantastic! There were barely any hiccups and I felt personally blessed and inspired by the speakers as well as others in audience.

Over 100 showed up from five states. It was a celebration of Jesus Christ’s place in our lives. It was significant for lots of reasons, including first time I’d spoken to such large crowd. Wasn’t even nervous about that… it was the first time I’d shared – in front of big forum – my walk with Christ as an artist.

That’s plenty for now. Want to know more?? Let me know.

Want to know more about ArtsCharlotte? Sign up for emails on this link. (By the way, ArtsCharlotte is for artists, not just Christian ones! Though our first symposium was.)

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