Love Seeing My Glass Huge & Back Lit.

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Love Seeing My Glass Huge & Back Lit.

River run five, April 2016, kiln glass, 36”x18”x3” (wall space)


River run is series of cast glass pieces created from late 2015 into 2016. Created by multiple firings, culminating in a cast glass bowl mold. Solid glass bowl is fired into flattened circle.

Each is then wall mounted with glass epoxy and special hardware. “River run” composite pieces are positioned different distances from wall. There have been four different arrangements. (Sizes of individual pieces run 4” to 11” in diameter.)

The last of which (this one) is River run five. Was purchased in April 2016 by private glass collector in Colorado.

(These wall mounted composites are prototypes for larger interior public art. This is my  second image – formatted like ArtPop billboards –  for the curved digital display at Ballantyne Village. See below:)



Side view of curved digital display – part of Awedience Media’s campaign for Ballantyne Village in Charlotte, NC.

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