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carmella jarvi chadwick

Photo credit: chdwck.com (c) 2013


Carmella Jarvi is a McColl Center for Art + Innovation and Vermont Studio Center alumni, and three-time Regional Artist Project Grant recipient. Her artwork has evolved from women in water paintings to abstract explorations of water through kiln-glass, her primary focus since a trip in 2011 to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


Inspired by water from an early age, glass just seemed the obvious direction to explore something so common, yet ethereal. She started with warm – or kiln formed – glass at a fellow artist’s community studio. Then, began collecting equipment and refitting her studio for glass (it now has cold working equipment and three kilns – including her crowd funded Janus Ovation “dream kiln”.)

Jarvi’s pieces have multiple firings and layers (using the lovely Bullseye Glass) with different cold working techniques in between. Often starting with cast glass – using slumping molds or damming directly on kiln shelf – cold worked glass parts get refired with more factory glass to create interest – to attain more depth and cool details. Heat and gravity are used to actually “move” the glass.

Each step adds to the character and richness of her work. The final stage may be a slump or drape firing to change the form. It may be a free standing cast piece. Whether tabletop or wall pieces, they are really paintings with glass.


Jarvi’s first corporate glass commission was custom designed for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ uptown Charlotte office. This piece is great example of group with thick cast pieces meandering through a backlit space. (The artist is working on prototypes for larger scale kiln glass – and printing of this glass – for public arena.)

In addition to a 2015 Bullseye Glass NY Resource Center workshop with Matthew Day Perez, the artist has taken regional workshops and continues applying for a spot at Bullseye Glass or Corning Museum of Glass residencies. (Jarvi is thrilled to finally be going to Penland School of Crafts in August 2016 to learn glass blowing!)

Since 2006, this artist – entrepreneur has perfected her “business of art” work – starting with training through Creative Capital and Arts & Science Council. She has curated a variety of local art events and shared business advice with many artists. In 2014, her glass was featured on an ArtPop billboard and through ASC’s CSA program. (Jarvi has been serving on ArtPop’s Board of Directors since summer 2015. See her resume for more.)

Mostly, these days she spends in her glass studio creating new work and prototypes for larger installations.



Slumpy’s: Glass supplies & molds – in Belmont, NC. (Jarvi’s glass featured on Slumpy’s 2015 catalog & she taught @SlumpFest Oct., 2015 – as well as  in 2016.)

Bullseye Glass Co: Great glass supplier, and workshop & exhibitions host. 

Warm Glass: Regional glass store & studio in Clemmons, NC.

Arts & Science Council: Resources & opportunities for Charlotte area’s creative economy.

Creative Capital: Funder & Jarvi’s first favorite Business of Art Professional Development Program.

ArtPop: 501(c)(3) that brings local artists’ work to available media (often Billboard) space. Jarvi was #ArtPopCLT 2014 artist & previously served on board. (Check site for ArtPop cities in USA.)